What is “Total Compensation”?

Total compensation is comprised of:

Your annual fixed compensation in USD deposited every month in the RPay app

Current members in the organization can choose to switch to the new Total Compensation brackets according to their Level & Step whenever they want. Once they choose to do so, it is not possible to go back. Please contact Business Partner Squad about this process.

These are two scenarios for team members to receive a compensation increase:

Executive Compensation

We use the same data sources for creating the benchmarks for management roles. However, the company does not have a pay bracket for L4. This is due to the fact that there is only one Head of area. Therefore, there is no need to build a bracket for just one person.

Each offer is customized and, in general, executives are paid above average but not top of market.

Rpay’s TC calculator

In order to make things simple and transparent, we have created a calculator where everybody can access and check what is the compensation that corresponds according to their role, level and step. It is pretty easy to use, so we invite you to try it here:

How-to use this calculator:

1. Fill out role, level, step and location.

2. Let the calculator do the rest of the work.

* If the calculator spits out a "#N/A", it's because we don't have that role, so it's not properly benchmarked.

* If your role or location is not there, please contact our Business Partner Squad.

*Please note that TC is 80% cash compensation and 20% cash equivalent in tokens.