Promotions & Internal Movements Policy

At RPay we are interested in your career development, that is why we have created a Policy for Promotions & Internal Movements for you to know the process and requirements for you to pursue your growth in the company.

Purpose of this policy:

The purpose of this document is to communicate RPay’s requirements regarding Internal movements and promotions.

Eligibility Criteria

Any member of the RPay tribe can be promoted as long as they:


Guild leaders can promote their team members at any team of the year as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

They will perform an analysis based on:

The guild leader can perform a technical test or other types of evaluation to decide if the team member has developed the skills needed to perform in the new role.

Once the promotion is decided, the Guild Leader will inform the Business Partner Squad who will check if the eligibility criteria has been achieved and allocate the team member to the new level and/or step and increase the member’s total compensation (if applicable). This will impact in the next payroll cycle.

Procedure for joining another guild (Internal movements)

If you were selected to join the new Guild, the following will happen:

It would be very much appreciated (and it would make the process faster) if you can refer candidates to replace you.

Please be aware that increases are not guaranteed for internal movements. If you are not selected, you can always try again when a similar position opens. Please make sure to ask for feedback about the process so you can prepare for your second attempt.


If you have been recently placed in a guild, you will have the opportunity to apply for another guild after 6 (six) months there.

How the compensation review process works?

Any increases will be communicated by Guild or Squad leaders, as they are the only people responsible for communicating pay rises, as compensation is a manager's responsibility at RPay. Business Partner Squad will follow up with an email confirmation and make the pay increases in time for the next payroll.