Payment Methods

You can load and withdraw dollar balances with your Reserve wallet using these payment methods:

If you are a user from Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Peru or Venezuela:

If you are a user outside the countries mentioned above, for the moment, you have access to an early version where you can make:

Withdrawals to third party bank accounts in the countries where we are available such as: Colombia, Peru, Banesco Panama and Venezuela.

You can also send remittances.

Remittance transfers through Reserve basically consist of a balance debit operation to your account, followed by a balance transfer or withdrawal operation to a third party's account. To make things easier, you can register your family member's account and remittances will be even easier and faster.

It is important to note that, at the moment, Reserve does not allow direct money transfers to Argentinean accounts, so if you want to send money to that country, your family member will have to use the app, receive the money directly into their Reserve account and then download it to their account in Argentinean pesos.

* For all transactions with Argentine pesos, third party accounts are not allowed.
*** Only your own accounts.