Making Deposits and Withdrawals

The app allows users to convert their local currency to US dollar balance, moving their money freely between the most popular online payment platforms, including Uphold, cryptocurrencies, and local banks.

To carry out these transactions, users select either "Deposit $" or "Withdraw $" (depending on what they want to do) and indicate the amount.


For a deposit into the app, users send payments to ILP accounts, which are identified on a per transaction basis. Once the users have sent the payment to the ILP, they enter the reference number in the app and press “Confirm” to complete the deposit. The ILP will then confirm receipt of the payment, and the US dollar balance will appear in the user’s account.


For a withdrawal from the app, users specify the amount they wish to withdraw and their account details at one of our supported banks. Their in-app US dollar balances are sent to an ILP, which then completes the transaction by placing funds into the user’s external account.

Some app transactions are still "Experimental," which simply means support is not fully automated. Before depositing or withdrawing US dollar balance, the app will help the user chat with “Rosi,” the RPay bot, who verifies that the user has a registered and verified account and connects them with a customer service agent who receives the user’s account information. At present ACH transfers are “Experimental” transactions.

Similarly, Rosi can facilitate withdrawals to local banks, accounts, or exchanges selected by the user.

User balances are reflected on the main app screen when transactions are complete.