PTO & Time off Policy

PTO are the days every team member can have per anniversary year or month. PTO can be considered equivalent to vacation time, but members can use it any way they want.

This policy outlines the accrual process for paid time off, and how team members can manage this benefit.

This applies to all members in the organization, effective immediately.

PTO (paid time off / annual vacations)

The company will grant 15 working days per anniversary year redeemable on a pro rata basis.

This means that if, for example, you were in the organization for four months, you will unlock 5 working days to use. Once you have reached, for example, 1 year at the company, you will have access to the whole 15 days.

You can use your whole PTO in one shot or divide it as you want 😀

Paid vacation days do not accumulate if they are not used. This means if you do not use your PTO after one year, they will no longer be available as they will be expired.

RPay extra days off

Building together is a challenging endeavor. At RPay we want to recognize the team members’s commitment every time we can. Therefore, every team member will get an extra day off per each completed year they have been in the organization.


We know that birthdays are an important moment in our lives. Regardless of how you will like to celebrate, we want you to do it to the fullest.

Each team member will have an extra day off that could be used during their birthday week

National Holidays Policy

It is important that our team members can spend time with their loved ones during relevant days in their country of residence.

Therefore, we have created this policy that outlines the days our company acknowledges as holidays. Relevant guidelines are provided below:

Please note that, If a members is working from a different place rather than he/her permanent place of residence, will be eligible to enjoy the National Holidays of the place where he/she is currently staying in.

Religious Holidays

In the spirit of Diversity & Inclusion practices, we will allow team members to take unpaid time off for a religious holiday.

Members can also choose to use their PTO for religious holidays. If they need to use unpaid time-off, they should consult with their Guild Leaders. The Guild Leader will examine and grant member requests on a case-by-case basis.

Parental leave policy

Continuing with our efforts in regards to Diversity & Inclusion, the company will provide 90 days of paid parental leave.

The purpose of paid parental leave is to enable the member to care for and bond with the new member of the family 🍼

This will apply in any case that a new child joins the team member’s family.

This policy will be in effect for births, adoptions or placements of foster children.

Unpaid Leave

In some cases a member may use up all their PTO and still need to be absent from work. In such cases, the Guild Leader may consider granting that member unpaid time off.

This doesn’t include cases when members need to take sick leave or parental leave. These types of leave are separate.

Nomadic Work

We want you to have a good time building at RPay! You can enjoy it while visiting your family, getting to know new places, or just chilling at the beach 🏖️

Each team member that works in the office, will be granted a period of 60 days a year to work from anywhere in the 🌎

Please keep in mind the following guidelines for Nomadic Work:

Members can choose to use the 60 days in a row or divide it however they want.

Bereavement leave

In the unfortunate situation where a partner, spouse, children, siblings or parents passes away, we want you to feel RPay´s full support.

Please take your time to be with your family, with your close ones. Take your time to think, grieve, recompose. We are here for you!

Feel free to come back when you can. Remember to always coordinate with your Guild Leader.