Monthly Feedback Process

The organization has established an instance that will help developing our talent. The purpose of this is to bring objectivity, fairness and transparency for team member’s career path. Both instances give everyone the opportunity to give and receive feedback to everyone else.

We are now introducing monthly sessions conducted by the Squad Leader. The purpose is to have an agile framework to provide with feedback and and have regular iterations based on the opportunity areas that have been identified.

How it works

Perform Yard - Our Feedback tool

In order to make this process as easy and helpful as possible for everyone, the company has acquired Perform Yard as our feedback solution. This is a Performance Management tool that we will use to track all of our feedback sessions.

Personal Info

Leaders will be able to see their team’s personal info. For example:


We will use forms to keep track of the monthly feedback sessions.

Every monthly form will include 4 fields: